WIRE Institut für angewandtes Wirtschaftsrecht WIRE Institut für angewandtes Wirtschaftsrecht

Environment, Social & Governance

Environmental and social standards and governance (ESG) regulations are both regulatory centers and sources of risk.

Especially for the economy, because this is where the orders of magnitude of the economic degrees of freedom are determined, within which the economic actors can act. It has been observed for decades that the economic legal regulations set by politics are becoming increasingly complicated and tightly meshed.

Activities of the Institute

A major task of the ESG Department is the question of how law relevant with regard to Environment, Social & Governance can and should be shaped politically. To this end, we examine existing company law, subject it to critical evaluation, and make suggestions for legal policy improvements where there are gaps, need for change or over-regulation. At the same time, we are an important sparring partner for implementation within the company.

Furthermore, we accompany scientifically legislative processes for the relevant economically relevant legal matters from a legal and economic point of view. Our approach combines interdisciplinarity with a practical basic orientation and a strong theoretical basis.

Furthermore, we promote the dialogue between politics, economics and law in order to achieve the best possible results of legislative processes.

The Institute is particularly active in the following activities:


  • Interdisciplinary research with practical implications for legislative changes. In particular, business management and legal expertise are combined.
  • Research on the economic consequences of legal aspects.


  • Development of proposals for amendments and new legal regulations.
  • Advice to government agencies at national, international and supranational level on the introduction of new laws or amendments to existing laws.
  • Advising companies, associations and chambers of commerce in the support of legislative processes (amendments and new regulations) and its practical implementation.

Public relations work

  • Regular events on ESG issues (symposia, panel discussions, lectures)
  • Publication of opinions and statements on legislative initiatives and amendments to legislation
  • German and Europe-wide cooperation with scientific and political institutions and other universities/research facilities.