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Corporate Law

The term corporate law is not defined by law. There is neither an overall codification of corporate law, nor has the legislator used this term in a selective manner so far.

Corporate law deals with those legal matters which are important for the institutional order and the exchange of services between companies. This includes in particular commercial, labour, company, insolvency and capital market law.

Activity of the Institute

The Corporate Law Department represents the cross-sectional subject of corporate law in teaching and research. It deals with all sub-areas of German, European and international corporate law.

Due to the constantly growing complexity of this legal matter, there is a high demand for interdisciplinary and international competence, which the Institute provides. Special emphasis is placed on the regular exchange of knowledge and experience with companies, law firms, associations and the judiciary.

It also contributes to the development of corporate law through lectures, conferences, expert opinions and other activities. The aim is to continuously develop practice-oriented research and teaching.

In particular, the Institute pursues the following activities:


  • Research with practical implications for corporate law. In particular, business management and legal expertise are combined.
  • The focus is, among other things, on the law of corporate bodies (executive board, supervisory board, general meeting, managing directors, shareholders' meeting), corporate governance, mergers & acquisitions and restructuring/reorganisation/redevelopment
  • Research on the economic consequences of legal aspects.


  • Development of further training programmes for corporate lawyers and members of corporate bodies.
  • Advising governmental bodies at national, international and supranational level on the development of corporate law and related legislation.
  • Advice to companies, associations and chambers.

Public Relations

  • Giving lectures, preparing opinions and driving forward initiatives in the field of company law.
  • International cooperation with institutions and other universities and research facilities both in the field of research and teaching.