WIRE Institut für angewandtes Wirtschaftsrecht WIRE Institut für angewandtes Wirtschaftsrecht


The Institute of Applied Business Law offers both teaching and research related elements as well as practical content in the field of Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) and Corporate Law.

It is particularly committed to the close interaction of basic and applied research and teaching.


Since its establishment, the Institute has been constantly developing and expanding. It now consists of three departments: I. Corporate Law, II. Compliance and III. ESG. Each of the three departments deals with different research areas and has its own sources of funding.

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Master's programme in Business Law (LL.M.)

The Institute is involved in the implementation of the Master's programme in Business Law (LL.M.) at NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School.

Through a specially coordinated curriculum and renowned lecturers from science and practice, theory and research-related elements as well as practice-related content are taught in order to prepare students for the field of "Business Law". In addition, the institute is also active in the area of continuing education.

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Modern premises

The NORDAKADEMIE has representative, modern and spacious rooms at its two locations in Elmshorn and Hamburg, which the institute can share. Here you will find excellent conditions for studying, further education, research and scientific events.

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