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The structure of the Institute is characterised by its three bodies: Board of Directors, Advisory Board and General Assembly.

The Executive Board is made up of the Director of the Institute, who directs the research activities and determines the strategy of the Institute. The management is responsible for the day-to-day operational business. The Board of Directors is advised by an Academic Advisory Board of highly qualified experts in the field of business law who hold prominent positions in the business community. Various scientists have also joined the Institute for research purposes. Finally, the basis of the Institute is formed by its members, who consist of representatives of the main players in the field of commercial law, such as law firms, companies, public administration and the judiciary.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is formed by the Director of the Institute as the sole representative of the Board and the management with joint power of representation.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Institute's Scientific Advisory Board is made up of experts who advise the Directorate independently on specialist issues.

In addition to specific requests from the Directorate, the Advisory Board determines the subject of its regular consultations itself and provides impulses for new research activities and publications.

The Advisory Board has the task of advising and supporting the Directorate in scientific and practical matters. The members of the Advisory Board have sound expertise in the field of corporate law and many years of professional experience in this area. The different focal points of their activities enable the Institute to draw on a broad base of experience and to examine issues from the most important perspectives, such as management consulting, legal advice or from the operational perspective of a company.

Antonia Goldner

Dr. Antonia Goldner

Board member

Wolfram von Koeller

Ass. iur. Wolfram von Koeller

Rechtsanwalt/Syndikusrechtsanwalt | Prokurist

Charlotte Kreuzberg

Dr. Charlotte Kreuzberg

Attorneya-at-law and In-house lawyer

Hendrik Puschmann

Hendrik Puschmann

Lawyer and Solicitor, Partner

Kristina Schless

Kristina Schless

Assistant General Counsel

Associated scientists and practitioners

The associated scientists are experts who are in constant contact with the Institute and who supervise joint research projects together with the Institute.

They are proven experts who have both sound scientific expertise and practical experience. The Institute is always open to cooperation with other scientists.

Research assistants

The research assistants assume responsibility for individual sub-areas of the Institute's research projects and are in close contact with the Board of Directors.

Nita Sophia Karkheck

Nita Sophia Karkheck

Research Assistant


Johanna Tensi

Johanna Tensi

Research assistant