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Master's programme in Business Law (LL.M.)

The extra-occupational Master's degree course in Business Law (LL.M.) at the NORDAKADEMIE offers the opportunity to qualify as a business lawyer and thus an interdisciplinary combination of law and business at a high level.

Irrespective of whether, for example, as an economist, industrial engineer or business information scientist, you are striving to broaden your own knowledge, or as a lawyer you wish to deepen your knowledge of legal fields which are particularly relevant in business life - the LL.M. course offers the right basis for this.

Committed professors, renowned lawyers and experienced judges train students for two years on a part-time basis. In the modern environment of the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School, students learn to recognise and effectively solve a wide range of legal problems in economic contexts. Graduates of this varied course of study can therefore work at the interface between business and law, for example in companies, banks, insurance companies, associations, law firms or tax consultancy firms. There, the typical fields of application for the commercial lawyer are compliance management and responsible positions in legal and human resources departments. They also work as contract managers or transaction lawyers.

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Study sections

The first part of the Master's programme consists of the basic modules "Fundamentals of Law & Legal Methodology", "Civil Law", "Commercial and Corporate Law", "Labour Law" and "Contract Drafting".

The second study section consists of the compulsory modules "Competition and Antitrust Law", "Intellectual Property, IT and Media Law", "Compliance Management", "Commercial Criminal Law" and "Litigation and Arbitration".

Subsequently, a (interdisciplinary) project is worked on in a small group. As a rule, the project group is dedicated to a practice-relevant task set by an external project partner, the solution to which must be worked out and prepared according to scientific criteria. Examples are, for example, "Development of a compliance system according to the German Stock Corporation Act", "Optimization of a group structure", "Development of an employee participation program", "Securing a legally compliant e-commerce system" or "Reorganization concept for a metal construction company".

The third study section comprises two elective modules which can be selected from a wide range of modules, e.g. "Restructuring & Reorganization", "Real Estate Law", "Mergers & Acquisitions", "Risk Management", "Public Commercial Law" or "Corporate Taxation".


International Weeks

The professional profile and intercultural competence can subsequently be supplemented by participation in study trips to China, Russia or the USA. During the International Weeks, NORDAKADEMIE cooperates with foreign subsidiaries of its sponsoring companies and the best universities in the respective country.

The International Weeks are followed by the Master's thesis.

Voices from the practice

"A master's degree in business law, which is an interesting enrichment for lawyers. With a selection of experienced lecturers from research and practice, the course of studies is a convincing offer."

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Lwowski
former head of the legal department of Commerzbank AG, Hamburg


In cooperation with the NORDAKADEMIE, the Joachim Herz Stiftung offers the opportunity to acquire important professional qualifications in the field of business law by means of a scholarship in business law.