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Continuing education offers

Often the knowledge acquired during studies is not or no longer sufficient to master new challenges, or one would like to pursue further education that cannot be done "on the job".

To this end, NORDAKADEMIE and the Institute offer a comprehensive range of further training courses which are being continuously expanded in the spirit of lifelong learning.

Further training with university certificate

It is a demanding continuing education program with university certification for both lawyers and economists.

In the field of management and business law, for example, numerous basic and advanced modules are offered as continuing education courses. Less time-consuming than a Master's, but more in-depth than a single module, are the certificate courses. In these courses, several modules from the continuing education programme are bundled into a qualifying course package. Thus, the certificate courses are a kind of "miniature" Master's degree course - with the advantage that the credit points (ECTS) acquired here can be credited to a later Master's degree course.

The certificate courses are primarily suitable for people who would like to acquire additional knowledge but do not (yet) want to complete a complete master's degree. Currently, the certificate course "Compliance Manager" is offered. Two further courses, "Legal Manager" and "Finance Manager" are in preparation.

Company personnel development

The further education programme of the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School is also an attractive instrument for company personnel development, providing targeted support for junior staff and preparing them for more advanced tasks.

Further training with a view of the Elbe

The further education courses are organized in a combination of self-study and attendance phases. The attendance events take place in Dockland in Hamburg.

All participants receive detailed preparation materials, check their learning progress and are supervised by experienced university lecturers.


In cooperation with the NORDAKADEMIE, the Joachim Herz Stiftung offers the opportunity to acquire important professional qualifications in the field of business law by means of a scholarship in business law.