WIRE Institut für angewandtes Wirtschaftsrecht WIRE Institut für angewandtes Wirtschaftsrecht

Institute of Applied Business Law

WIRE is a legally independent institution and, as a competence center for legal research, is closely linked to the HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration. Thus, we jointly promote the intensive exchange on the topic of business law, the expansion of jurisprudential teaching and research and the cooperation between business and university.

The focus of the Institute of Applied Business Law is on the topics of corporate law and ESG, their applicability and design. The work of the Institute includes the analysis of the current legal situation and current legislative proposals, a regular exchange of knowledge and experience with companies, law firms and associations as well as the elaboration of improvement possibilities on all levels.

In addition to the research work, the Institute serves as a network platform for the mutual professional, but also personal exchange of all partners involved, such as the board of directors, the scientific advisory board, the associated scientists, lecturers and students of the HSBA, Hamburg business representatives and practitioners from the legal practice.

Podcast "Corporate Crash"

In our podcast "Corporate Crash", we take a look at both well-known and lesser-known corporate scandals in recent economic history. Cartels, corruption and managerial failures show again and again impressively how important governance and compliance are in companies.

Business law research

The Institute is active in research in the field of applied business law.

This research is based on three pillars: First, an analysis of problems of the current legal situation, planned legislation and literature reviews. Secondly, a continuous survey and evaluation of the problems in the daily application of the law described by companies as primary users of commercial law. Thirdly, the elaboration of possibilities for improvement at all levels, starting with internal best practice guidelines of the users of the law, through the interpretation of the current legal situation to the elaboration of proposals for amendments to the law.

The focus is always on the clear application-relatedness of the solution approaches.

Certificate in ESG (planned)

The Institute is strongly committed to the practical training and further education of business lawyers.

Special focus is on legal training in the field of ESG - one of the regulatory centers of our economy. To this end, it is involved in a (planned) course to become an "ESG Officer" at HSBA.

In particular, the Institute brings in top-class lecturers via its network (university professors, judges, administrative lawyers and international law firm lawyers) and ensures that former students have a legal network at their disposal when they return to work.

Events of the institute

The institute regularly hosts interesting events.

An important cornerstone is the annual conference in Hamburg in autumn. Top speakers from business, administration, legal and management consultancy as well as the judiciary speak there on current topics of business law that are truly relevant to companies. There are also numerous other events, such as panel discussions and colloquia.

In addition to the professional exchange at a high level - which is expressed, for example, in the recognition of the annual conference as a specialist lawyers' training course by the Hamburg Bar Association - there is always room for participants and members of the Institute to get to know each other and network in a relaxed atmosphere.